In addition to his long career and experience in corporate and contract law Dr. Marco Lanter specializes in foundation law and inheritance law. For decades he was a board member of proFonds, the umbrella organization of charitable foundations in Switzerland, and already as long he published relevant research contributions to foundation law. He was a lecturer at the University of Zurich for both areas of law. Dr. Marco Lanter is board member of several SMEs and Swiss entities of international company groups.

2000 Lecturer at the University of Zurich for Inheritance law
1991 Lecturer at the University of Zurich for foundation law
1988 Attorney-at-law and partner by LANTER
1986 Head of Legal Department with Visura Trust and Auditing Company (today BDO AG), Zurich
1984 University of Zurich (Dr. iur.)
1983 Associate with Bär & Karrer, Zurich
1982 New York University (Master of Comparative Jurisprudence)
1981 Admission to the bar
1978 University of Zurich (lic. iur.)



Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Contract Law
Inheritance Law
Foundation Law
Enforcement and Bankruptcy


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