Art law

At LANTER you will find art law specialists with an international reputation.
Over the past 25 years, art law has developed into an independent legal discipline. It is a complex, rapidly changing and economically important area of law that is becoming more and more regulated. Our clients (owners, private collectors, dealers, museums, auction houses, banks and insurance companies) benefits from our competence, efficiency and experience as well as our international network.

We support our clients in all legal matters related to art. Our practice ranges from simple contractual disputes to complex national and international proceedings. We handle cases dealing specifically with ownership issues, restitution, misattribution, auctions, tax and fiduciary matters, bonded warehouses, criminal matters, and international trade issues, including export, import, and customs matters, appraisals, expert witnesses, and other issues. We are highly experienced in litigation. In addition, we provide innovative dispute avoidance and resolution strategies and seek alternative dispute resolution mechanisms where appropriate.