Tax law

Swiss economic power is based to a significant extent on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with a high potential for innovation. Over the years, the number of Swiss SME has grown to over 550,000, each of which has its own purpose and history, one that may span several generations.

As time passes, generational changes and old structures must be replaced or improved. By reevaluating existing structures and adapting them to current business needs, unexplored potentials can be exploited. This results in a positive impact on the company’s profitable efficiency.

A situational and tailor-made segmentation of functions and assets will have a positive effect on a company’s value and is also essential for the successful implementation of succession plans.

LANTER offers advice in the planning and implementation of solutions. We keep sustainability and constancy in mind and seek to increases value. Our customized solutions take into account the particularities of the facts and are based on the long-term goals and possibilities of our clients. LANTER is a sparring partner to its clients in all aspects of these changes, from transactions and planning, cost-benefit analysis, through negotiations with tax authorities to the contractual implementation.

We proactively seek to anticipate any necessary adjustments to the current trends in tax law. We accompany acquisitions and business expansions and solve special tax law problems that arise from the business. Tax litigation and representation before tax authorities are part of our day-to-day business. Based on our experience we can develop tailor-made and unconventional solutions in a tighter timeframe.