Intellectual property law

Those who own unique knowledge will strive to protect their rights. In all cases, access to valuable knowledge should be limited by legal measures to a small circle of insiders, on a need-to-know basis.

Effective protection of knowledge, patents, trademarks and design is our business. With appropriate agreements or licenses we ensure that your expertise stays yours, whether it is protection internally or protection in cooperation with third parties.

Trade secrets must be protected and/or patented. With the appropriate safety measures, such valuable knowledge is transferred to or shared with partners for production, joint ventures or distribution. This applies to know-how as well as patents.

Distribution requires the exploitation of trademark rights. We also advise designers with aspects of copyright or design protection law. LANTER also helps to free projects stranded in litigation or arbitration while observing Swiss and European antitrust legislation.

We assist in creating the legal framework for successful distribution. We also provide the optimum contractual framework among producers, distributors and related importers and export companies along the value chain. Related contracts are often limited in time. In case of conflict we accompany you in litigation and arbitration. You receive our support from a one-stop law firm for negotiating, signing, implementing and monitoring your contracts as well as, in case of dispute, resolving your conflict in or out of court.

We advise and protect projects in the pharmaceutical industry or in the agrochemical sector and draft contracts covering the entire research, development and production chain, from the invention of a new drug to product development, production scaling from laboratory conditions to industrial manufacture, patent protection, to out-licensing manufacturing and distribution. We deal with regulatory matters, various clinical trial phases and ethical requirements. We are familiar with the legal aspects to obtain marketing authorization from the relevant authorities and are aware of clinical trial challenges or related ethical questions. We also know how to assemble the medical and technical information so that the authorities can decide on market authorization. If objections to admission are made, we support chemists, physicians and pharmacists in dealing with the authorities. Together with patent-lawyers, we design patents to give you the necessary protection. All aspects of patents, from production to distribution, are familiar to us. Thus, we shape manufacture and distribution to your advantage. The client profits from a quick financial assessment, since our attorneys are familiar with calculation and accounting in case of damage and compensation claims.