Immigration and doing new business in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country in the heart of Europe, though not being a member of the EU. Therefore, in Switzerland, business success is closely linked to legal matters relating to work and residence of foreign individuals and setting up new businesses. The establishment of a new company often begins with the hiring of employees in Switzerland, at a time when the employer has no branch here. In these cases, we advise foreign-based employers about the possibilities and restrictions. We advise foreign clients setting up an enterprise here or establishing a branch. We have a vast experience how the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the European Union have come into play and how they affect daily business. We are therefore able to advise domestic and international clients on any cross-border issue.

LANTER also supports Swiss-based employers in the hiring of foreign nationals. In particular hiring individuals from non-EU/EFTA countries presents several obstacles in relation to employment and immigration law which need to be tackled. We also advise foreign companies regarding the possibilities of posting employees from abroad to Switzerland, in particular with respect to employment, social security and immigration law issues.