Employment law

The complexity of Swiss employment law is constantly increasing due to ongoing changes in legislation but also by developments driven by case law. Nowadays many pitfalls lie ahead for an employer when terminating an employment. Restructuring and mass layoffs are no longer feasible without the support of specialists.
Data privacy and gender equality legislation affect not only employment itself, but also recruitment processes. Many employers, especially small and medium-size enterprises, may not have fully realized that the requirements of employment law have significantly increased in number and in complexity in recent years. This may lead to unpleasant surprises, for example in employment disputes ending in court. LANTER supports employers in all employment law matters with legal advice for avoiding unpleasant surprises. We advise human resources departments, for instance in drafting employment regulations or anti sexual harassment guidelines. We also represent our clients in litigation.
We not only advise employers but also employees in conflicts with their current or previous employer. Since we represent employees and employers, we understand both sides allowing us to realistically assess the chances of case and helping searching for viable solutions. Even though an amicable settlement may appear as the desirable solution, we will not hesitate to defend the case in court if this serves the client best.

As a matter of principle, LANTER does not represent the interest of banks. We are therefore perfectly suited to represent bank staff in all respects and to defend their interests.

In our work, we benefit from a long-lasting practical and interdisciplinary in-house experience not only in the legal but also in human resources related sectors of large and medium-sized companies. This gives us a distinct affinity for human resources needs as well as a deep understanding of the interfaces with other areas of law, such as social security law.