Corporate and Commercial

As soon as several persons are involved in a company, complex legal relationships are established which require structured legal processes and documents. It is usually medium-sized companies or Swiss subsidiaries of international corporations that require legal support in a variety of procedures – from the formation of a company in the form of a limited liability company or a company limited by shares, to the establishment and monitoring of corporate governance in accordance with current standards, as well as the implementation of regulatory directives. Clear contractual regulations are also indispensable when doing business, and even tax returns and social security declarations should sometimes be checked by lawyers. In legal and administrative proceedings before authorities, legal support is useful. The same is true for individual capital transactions, for capital increases and decreases, and restructuring, where entrepreneurs can benefit from the know-how of experienced lawyers. Larger companies, on the other hand, often require special support with regard to agenda items and resolutions of a shareholders’ meeting. If conflicts arise, it is further important to optimally align liability suits.

LANTER‘s clients include many medium-sized companies that were built up and are owned by the founder or are in the second or third generation of family ownership. Thanks to our comprehensive business know-how, we ensure that not only legal problems are avoided, but that the focus is on entrepreneurial issues. The decisive factor is what makes sense from the entrepreneur’s point of view. Workflows and processes must be designed efficiently, and contracts should be drawn up in such a way that they can lead to as few legal entanglements as possible. It is important to consider the various areas of law in a comprehensive and all-embracing manner. For example, (re-)structuring of company forms and contract components can often have consequences under tax law. With comprehensive knowledge in these areas of law, undesirable side effects can be avoided. Our specialists underwent additional business management training and have entrepreneurial experience from board of directors’ mandates. From years of work experience, we know how the circumstances of companies can change over time, and we consistently keep abreast of developments in the law in these areas.