Agency and Distribution

Online trade and distribution have replaced traditional distribution channels in many areas. Nevertheless, a wide variety of legal issues continue to arise from the idea for a new product or service through their development and production to their delivery to end consumers. We provide legal support at all stages from the idea, through research, development and production, to delivery or service to the end customer.

Distribution also comprises advertising, marketing and the administration of online platforms and social media. We guide you on what to pay attention to, especially if you want to work on new business areas online, be it communication, contracts, authorizations, implementation, tax consequences or product safety. We assist you in registering, monitoring and defending your trademark rights. With the appropriate license agreement, you minimize your exposure towards suppliers and distributors. We advise principals and agents, since we know both sides well. Market monitoring and minimization of recall risks help to maintain your image in the market. Our expertise in antitrust law protects you from infringements.

LANTER has successfully supported clients in agency and distribution in Switzerland and Europe for decades. We warn you of risks, including those in the area of personal and consumer protection, and help if a mistake should nevertheless occur.

LANTER, Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisors was recognized in 2021 by the magazines Bilanz and Le Temps as one of the top Swiss law firms in the legal fields relevant here.