Law Firm

We rest on tradition. Many years of professional experience and personalized advice make LANTER a reliable and efficient partner in legal and tax matters. With a compact yet versatile team, we cover a wide range of legal areas and deliver client-oriented solutions from a single source.

Advising companies and individuals is our daily business. We provide legal advice in all matters of corporate, commercial and business law as well as in related fields of law such as tax, employment, tenancy, inheritance and art law.

We represent our clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings as well as in matters of judicial assistance or white-collar crime allegations. We understand and conduct complex multi-party proceedings. By waiving mandates from Swiss banks, we can fully represent our clients in any dispute against a Swiss bank.

LANTER has a broad cultural horizon. Our working languages are German, English, French, Italian and Slovenian. LANTER is well-connected internationally. We have longstanding relationships with clients and law firms in Europe, North and South America and Asia. As a long-time partner of international law firms, we benefit from extensive international experience. The international orientation of the firm promotes an understanding of foreign cultures, allowing us to see things in the proper context and to recognize differences in people due to their cultural background.